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Wednesday, August 1

David Peel's Birthday Bash

Sidewalk Cafe
94 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009

*Sea Monster is on at 7:20pm sharp!

Sea Monster

The friends and family of David Peel will come together to celebrate the memory of the legendary New York City icon, Yippie Rebel, and King of Punk Featuring the Comrades, Sea Monster, Rew Starr, Alan Merrill, Anne Husick, Andy Animal,The Accelerators and members of David Peel's various bands... and more!

Live music interspersed with stories by people who were there! Learn about a New York City that was full of life and grit.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of David Peel and The Lower East Side's Have A Marijuana album we will do the album in its entirety from beginning to end.

Let's all celebrate the end of marijuana prosecution in New York City! It becomes official this August 1st - woo hoo!

Put together by the friends and family of David Peel. Absolutely free and for the people